Mr Lid Reviews

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Hello there my name is Barbara and these are my Mr Lid reviews. The first time I saw the Mr Lid commercial I knew I needed a set. I am just like every other woman out there who has mismatched and lost Tupperware lids. Mr Lid has been the perfect solution for my family and I to make sure we never lose Tupperware.

Whenever I make dinner there is almost always left overs. I typically give the left overs to my husband to take to work in a Tupperware container. If I don’t end up giving it to him for lunch then they stay in the fridge until one of my kids wants to eat it. And then if by no means no one else will eat them then I usually have them for lunch.

The biggest thing that attracted me to the Mr Lid containers was the simplicity of having the lid attached to the actual container. When I first saw it I couldn’t believe how simple and innovative it was. I have bought countless different types of Tupperware containers because I keep losing lids or never see my Tupperware again because I lend them to people.

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My biggest concern about the Mr Lid Tupperware was the hinge for the lid. I was worried that the hinge of the lid would eventually wear out and break off. I have had my Mr Lid containers for a while now and still can’t see any indication of the lid breaking off. The joint is still very new looking, no stress lines in the plastic and it still snaps tight on top of the container. As well there is a lifetime guarantee in regards to the lid that it will never break or separate.

My other concern was the actual reliability of the lid to stay on even if I dropped it or turned it upside down. In the Mr Lid container commercial they showed the container being dropped and the lid didn’t fly open. As well they showed that the container can be turned upside down and nothing spilled out. Since I was curious about those two points I decided to try it out when I got them. I put some dry noodles in a container and dropped it on the ground from shoulder height. Amazingly enough the container didn’t pop open! As well the lid stayed tightly shut when held upside down.

I like to be healthy and give healthy things to my family. I was happy to find out that the Mr Lid containers are BPA free as well as microwave and freezer safe. My favorite part about the product is that I got two sets for the price of one as well as a free salad and larger entrée container. It allows me to take salads anywhere I go and don’t have to let the dressing wilt the leaves. As well there is a 60 day money back guarantee. So if for some reason I find I don’t like them then I can get my money back.

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Mr Lid

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When I first saw the Logo for Mr Lid I actually thought the picture of the chef kissing his fingers saying vuala! was actually an old granny. If you look at the logo you really can see an old grandma, at least in my mind. So when I saw that logo and they Tupperware was called Mr Lid I was pretty confused.

Now that they’ve changed their logo and their commercial it’s easier to not mistake the old chef man for an old woman. Now it’s a smiling piece of Tupperware. It’s no longer the original logo. But I’m not reporting on the logo and how it’s changed.

The Mr Lid containers are heaven sent. I have a few sets of them now and absolutely love them. I simply cannot get enough of them because they are so convenient and sturdy. I no longer have to worry about mismatching lids with Tupperware and losing lids. I have had plenty of different sets of containers in the past and they always bothered me when the lids wouldn’t fit on right.

My first and biggest concern with the Mr Lid containers was if they were actually going to stay closed tight throughout the day or if I dropped one. I have had Tupperware in the past fall out of the fridge and splat its contents all over the ground. Since there is a money back guarantee where they’ll even pay for shipping, I figured I’d do some testing when I got my Mr Lid Tupperware. I did a few different spill tests with different things. The first one I did was with water. I filled up one of the containers with water, I then put it on the top shelf of the fridge and let it fall down to see if it would open up. To my surprise it did not open up!

When I did the torture test to see if the containers would open or not and they didn’t I was sold. I knew I was going to get more containers for different things because they are so convenient. I use them every day for my kid’s lunches, for my husband’s lunch at work and for food storage in the kitchen. We use them for other random things in the garage, in the car and in the pantry but they are very versatile.

The reason I like to send my husband with a lunch in the Mr Lid container is because it’s BPA free. When he gets to work he can warm up soup or heat up chicken from last night’s dinner. I don’t have to worry about him or the kids getting nasty plastic chemicals in their bodies.

When I ordered mine it came with 20 containers because I got a second set of Tupperware for free. Then as well I got the salad container which is one of my favorite. They gave me and to everyone a 100% money back guarantee which even includes shipping. I have never once heard of a product that has free shipping when returning it, at least not from a TV offer.

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Mr Lid Promo Code

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Over the last couple of weeks I have had people ask me questions about a Mr Lid promo code and how to save even more money with the Mr Lid containers. Since the reason I have my Mr Lid reviews is to help everyone out I figured I’d do my research and find out if there is just one Mr Lid promo code or I there are more.

The first thing I did was go to Google and searched Mr Lid promo code. There were lots of websites that popped up and I figured this would be a pretty easy task from then on. There were a few listings at the very top that said Lid promo codes or Lid savings. I clicked on the first one because it said there was 20% discount on all of their items. Well when I got to the website I figured out pretty quickly that it had nothing to do with Mr Lid containers; rather it was all about Lids the hat store.

When I saw that there wasn’t a 20% discount at that website for actual Mr Lid containers I went back and continued to search. The second listing there also said 20% off of Lids so I figured it was the exact same listing as before.

I found a website lower on the list that said it had promo codes for Mr Lid. I went there and the website said that there was actually only one promo code to use. The promo code is “FREE.” By typing in the Mr Lid promo code FREE apparently they give an additional salad Tupperware that has a salad dressing holder in the middle. I figured that was an older article because they are currently giving those away for free with any purchase right now.

I was sad to see that there wasn’t a more current promo code that could be used to save more money. I went to the website and tried to find where I could put the promo code FREE just to see what current offer they have going on now but I would have had to have gone through the ordering process. Since I already have quite a few sets of Mr Lid containers I didn’t want to go through the process again.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you what that promo code includes but I would definitely give it a try. I searched more for other promo codes but that is the only one available at this time. I will continue to look for more as time goes on and see if they have new or special offers.

I was perfectly happy getting the additional set of Mr Lid containers for just a couple dollars more when I got my sets. I have used the Mr Lid containers for months now and absolutely love having them around. They make it easy for lunches, storage and marinating. A new trick I figured out I could do is use them for marinating meats. Since they don’t leak liquid I can put meat in the container, add my seasonings and let it sit in the fridge or a day or so. Every couple of hours I flip it over and don’t have to worry about any spills. They’re wonderful to have around.

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Mr Lid Containers

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Hello again, today I want to tell you a bit more about the actual Mr Lid container. You’re probably asking why you would want to spend money to get the Mr Lid containers when you may already have Tupperware. There are various reasons why it’s worth getting the Mr Lid containers even though you may have some already.

For me the decision was rather easy to make. When I first saw the Mr Lid containers on TV I knew they were much better than the ones I have had in the past. For one reason or another I could never seem to find the correct lid. Or even worse I would need to put something away in my Tupperware but could only find the lids when I needed both lid and container. I’ve been doing this for years. I am glad someone finally figured out how to fix a simple problem.

But as for the reasons why it’s worth buying there are quite a few. The first and biggest in my opinion is because the fact that the lids are attached to the bottom part of the container. Because they are attached I never have the worry or problem with losing lids or not being able to find a container whenever I need to put something away. I no longer have to worry about frustrating moments when I have food in one hand and am trying to store it with the other.

At first I was worried that the lid would be a fairly low quality and wouldn’t snap on tight to the bottom part of the Tupperware. In the Mr Lid commercial they show that you can drop them and they won’t open up. When I got mine I gave it a test run and tried it out. I was pretty happy to see that they actually did stay on. I don’t know how they do it but the lids stay snapped on tight onto the bottom even when you drop them. I think that’s pretty cool.

The other thing I was worried about was them being microwave safe. The plastic that they use is a food grade plastic that is completely safe to use in the microwave. I use them all the time for reheating food. By keeping the food in the Mr Lid container I don’t have to do as many dishes and I can eat my food straight from the Tupperware. It’s also great for my husband when he goes to work. I can now put food in the Tupperware that I know won’t open and he can simply warm it up at work.

The other great thing about the offer is that there is a 60 day money back guarantee. So basically there is no risk in getting ripped off or anything like that. They gave me 60 days to try it out and find out if I like them or not. I love them personally and so does my family. I recommend them to other friends. My husband’s coworkers even ask about them because they hate losing their lunches in poorly made Tupperware.

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Mr Lid Container Reviews

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The Mr Lid containers are a genius idea. I am surprised that no one else had thought about them until now. That’s why I have been making my own Mr Lid container reviews. I have had so many different types of Tupperware and food containers that I don’t care to count. The worst part is when I either lost the lid or never had a matching lid for the containers I was using.

The Mr Lid commercial shows how they have created a Tupperware container that has an attached lid. When I got mine I was pretty impressed at the quality of the Tupperware the hinge for the lid. That was one of my biggest concerns when I first saw the Mr Lid commercial. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get ripped off and end up with some a cheesy pack of food containers.

One of the other big things that attracted me to the Mr Lid containers was the free shipping. On their commercial they mention free shipping as well as the free second set of the containers which was nice. The Mr Lid containers are also safe to use in the microwave. The nice thing about using them in the microwave is that I can leave the lid mostly closed on the container. Because of that I don’t have worry about my food blowing up in the microwave and making a mess. I simply put the lid on the top and don’t clamp it down and I’m good to go.

My husband loves having the Mr Lid containers as well because he can easily take food to work. We’ve always been a family where we like to make home lunches because it saves us a lot of money each month on food. Now he can more easily take food work or anywhere else he goes. The Mr Lid containers are very safe when it comes to spills. Because of how the lid is put on the container it won’t pop open even when I drop them. I saw that they did that very same thing in the Mr Lid commercial and I was a bit skeptical. Now that I have my own set I have tested it out and it works great!

I’ve had my Mr Lid containers for quite a while now and haven’t had any complaints. However there was a 60 day money back guarantee with the containers. Because of the money back guarantee I wasn’t too worried about not being able to get my money back from them. But because I like them I won’t be sending them back. The Mr Lid containers are also great for lunches for my kids and school. That or when they go somewhere with friends I can pack them a lunch and their friends parents don’t have to worry about feeding my kids too.

They also just released a different type of Mr Lid containers that are meant for cereal and sandwiches. In my family I grew up using a plastic container for cereal. My mom would go buy cereal form the store and then fill up the plastic container. It was a lot easier to use and much faster too. Now I can use the same thing for my kids but don’t have to worry about them dropping the container and having the cereal cover the floor. I think they’re great and would recommend them to anyone.

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